Advanced Imaging Core

Equipment for the IGSB Advanced Imaging Core is housed in the University of Chicago Integrated Light Microscopy Core located on the first floor of KCBD. Dr. Vytas Bindokas is the Technical Director of the Core, a unit of the Office of Shared Research Facilities []. He is assisted by Dr. Christine Labno and Shirley Bond, and they together provide assistance and oversight, train users, and maintain systems. Trained users have 24h access to the Facility.
The Digital Lightsheet.Z1 provides fast and efficient optical sectioning of live and large samples. Ideally suited for developmental time lapse data collection, two high resolution sCMOS cameras collect images from cyan, green/yellow, and red fluoroprobes at up to 60Hz. Software allows for dual-sided illumination as well as sample rotation for reconstruction of large samples with limited transparency. Dedicated workstation with offline software is available. A second Lightsheet microscope designed by the European Molecular Biology Laboratory is available in the main IGSB location.











Animated GIF example of two-color time-lapse reconstruction of Drosophila embryo expressing red histone and GFP under the Invected promoter collected by Dr. Misha Ludwig. The bottom view shows the opposite side of the same larva. The green spots outside the embryo are beads used for aligning separate views of the larva.
Super resolution by single molecule localization using Ground State Depletion (GSD) is a single molecule mapping technique that provides 20 nm resolution in up to three colors. The Leica SR GSD 3D can be used in Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) mode as well as in 3-D mode where Z axis resolution up to 50nm can be obtained.











Example of 3D structure of microtubules obtained with Leica SR GSD 3D. Antibody labeling of hollow tubules is visible.

Contact Information

Contact Technical Directors for details on sample requirements for the Lightsheet and GSD 3D systems. More information on the other types of microscopes available can be obtained at the ILMF website

Contact Information
Vytas Bindokas, PhD
Facility Director
Technical Director, AB-129

Shirley Bond, MA
Technical Director, KCBD 1250

Christine Labno, PhD
Technical Director, KCBD 1250

Main Hospital Building (Vytas)
Abbott Memorial Hall
Room AB-129
5812 S. Ellis Ave.
Chicago, IL 60637

Knapp Center for Biomedical Discovery (Shirley & Christine)
First Floor, Room 1250
900 E. 57th St.
Chicago, IL 60637