Alec Victorsen

- Kevin White Laboratory

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Department of Human Genetics,
University of Chicago
900 E. 57th St., KCBD 10240
Chicago, IL 60637

Phone: (773) 834-0074
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


The BAC Recombineering Core offers collaborative services to modify Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes (BACs).  One benefit that BACs provide is their size allows genes to be expressed at near endogenous levels by maintaining many surrounding regulatory elements.  However, their size also excludes them from being modified using conventional molecular techniques.  Using recombineering we are able to create mutations, deletions, as well as insert additional sequences such as GFP or antibiotic cassettes within BACs.  One of our ongoing projects is to GFP tag all the known Human Transcription Factors.  Our core director and I are happy to discuss how this service may benefit your research.

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